Miami Booting AR Booting

AR Booting was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing professional parking enforcement and booting services to local businesses, parking lot and garage owners. Illegal parking is a large issue in the Greater Miami area and the availability of your parking space is important for your own convenience as well as that of your clients and employees. There is no need to tolerate illegally parked cars which cause you stress and worry. AR Booting will help you resolve the issue and get the compensation you deserve.

Our fees are among the most competitive in the Greater Miami area and we pride ourselves on prompt, courteous service. Whether it is day or night, rain, sun or sleet we will be there when you need us. With over 10 years of experience, all our technicians are trained in fitting any type or size of vehicle and will always be happy to assist you. Gone are the days of risky tow trucks, inflated rates at tow lots and potential damage to the vehicle. Booting is the safest and most convenient way to enforce parking restrictions on your lot.

Don't take illegal parking lightly- simply lay down the law and contact us today!